Although the outside temperature was 36° at the zoo, inside the Desert Dome it was perfect for a few photos of my grandchildren. These four little people are my most difficult subjects to capture, so I’ve been trying to develop strategies to induce them to corporate. I might have found a new one today.

“Stop Grandma,” said Corbin, “you can take my picture here.”

This is Corbin, my youngest grandson. He set the precedent for photographs today by stopping at various points along our walk in the Desert Dome to pose and tell me I could take his photo.

Logan, my second grandson, was interested in learning how to take photographs. So I handed him my camera and watched him hang it on his wrist the way I do.

I showed him how to move the joystick to set his focus point, press halfway down and then take the picture. I promised to send him this bird shot that he made so he can share it with his classmates.

I actually have quite a few shots of Corbin as he wanted to stop frequently for his picture. I see my dad in this boy.

Once Kate saw what Corbin was doing, she decided she wanted her picture taken. I hope you notice that she’s given the lizard her pink beads to wear for this photograph.

Kate’s looking a lot more like her mother now.

In the lower level of the dome, Corbin wanted more photographs. I explained to Corbin that without light, I couldn’t make any photographs. However, I did find enough light from an enclosure to capture Logan again.

I have to be a bit creative to capture Owen, my oldest grandson who is twelve. He will do odd things, like cover his face or turn around, which make photographing him difficult. I’m patiently hoping that he outgrows his current quirk.

Yes, I made some casual snapshots while my grandchildren were interacting with one another. In this shot as we were leaving the zoo, Kate couldn’t get down from the polar bear without help. She wasn’t at all certain that Owen or Corbin would get her down safely. It was Logan who finally helped her down.

For the most part, I shot in manual mode today. Auto ISO wasn’t working for me the way I wanted, so I estimated what I could use for the ISO and then adjusted the shutter speed in 1/3 stops with a dial on my camera when I needed to adjust the exposure. I think the technical aspects of photography are getting easier. I’m looking forward to encouraging Logan’s interest in photography.

I enjoyed my photography most today when my grandchildren told me exactly where I could make their photographs. However, the real question is, will this strategy work on our next outing together.