As a retired classroom teacher, I know how important it is to practice new learning. If you read my last post, you’ll remember my aha moment learning about combining an artsy paper with a solid to create a two page spread in Anna’s Project 2016 class. For this layout using photos taken with an Instamatic nearly 40 years ago along with more recent photos, I again combined an artsy paper with a solid from Anna’s new ArtPlay Palette Garland. However, I needed to adjust the position of the main transfer on artsy paper 2 because I needed a little more space to add two small frames.

Notice at the bottom of the layer’s panel, I placed two copies of solid paper 2. Above, I blended in the edge of artsy paper 2 using a layer mask and brush from AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 4. I moved another copy of the paper to the right and blended in the main transfer. Next, I placed a copy of transfer 5 and blended in my photo with a layer mask. Note: I created a filter using Topaz Simplify for this old photo. I hope to explain what I did in another post.

Next, I placed two small frames that I dragged over from a template in Project Album Templates No. 2 and clipped two other old photos. I applied a similar filter using Topaz Simplify.

I began building a foundation for an element cluster using two small branches from MultiMedia Branches No. 6, a button and stain from MultiMedia Holiday No. 2, dots from ArtPlay Palette Yule and two brushes from Evergreens No. 2.

I finished the left side by adding the other layers from file 2 of MultiMedia Holiday No. 2 on the right side of the focal photo and adding two button threadz.

For the right side of my two page spread, I dragged over the layers of MonthReview Template 30B. I switched out the fotoblendz mask, substituting one from template 3 of Project Template Album No. 2. I placed transfer 3 and the gold paint along with two brushes from ArtPlay Palette Garland and another brush from Evergreens No. 2 on the right in order to balance the texture and green on the left. I placed file 4 from MultiMedia Holiday No. 2 along with a button from file 2 to finish my visual triangle of greenery. The word joy is from Holiday WordART Mix No. 5.

It might have been “correct” to change one of the photos on the left to black and white, but I didn’t want to lose the joy in the color of these photos. The red and green are repeated across both pages in the elements as well as the photos.

For nearly 40 years, I’ve always called this little wooden toy a whirligig. The heat rising from the burning candles makes the blades turn the manger scene. Of all the things I have for Christmas, this has been the most precious to me over the years, bringing me great joy!