It was too cold and wet today to play at the park after preschool, so we painted this afternoon. I’m teaching Kate some of the things that my sister Glenda has taught me about working with watercolors. Notice that she has all her supplies lined up: towel, paints, mixing dish and water cup.

Kate began by saying she was going to paint the sky. She has the most intent look on her face when she’s painting, a mix of joy and wonder. It should be that way when a girl is painting I think.

Pushing the pump on the spray bottle to wet the paints is still a little difficult for Kate, but she’s persistent.

Kate mixed purple and orange in the mixing dish today. She knows how to rinse her brush and wipe it on the towel before choosing another color. Glenda is going to be very impressed.

I put my camera in manual mode with the ISO at 6400 and the aperture f/2.8 and focused on her eyes to compensate for the low light coming in from the window. I think my little camera does a good job with a high ISO on a cloudy day.