Two Pages At a Time

I don’t usually work on more than one two page spread at a time, but I decided that creating two double page spreads for the photos from Deer Park for the book that I’m creating this year might help me pare down more than two hundred photos of family playing with the deer, not an easy task in my mind. I also wanted to coordinate the look of two pages about our trip to Deer Park.

To make it easy on myself, I selected four templates from Anna’s new Hipster Plume Template Album No. 1 and placed them on two 24×12 inch blank pages. As I worked with my photos, I made some adjustments in the position of the frames to accommodate them, turned off a few layers, including text boxes, and used a brush to fill in places on the fotoblendz masks.

Next, I selected from my favorites, the photos that I wanted to clip to the larger masks. On each page, I selected one family group photo for one of the masks. I duplicated those photos to clip to the stains included in the templates.

Once I had the larger photos placed, I clipped additional photos to the small frames, trying to balance color across the page and include everyone. I also clipped a levels layer on soft light blend mode at about 50% opacity to each photo and adjusted the opacity.

I could have left my pages as above, but I like to place something across the gutter of my pages so that they look more connected. On the top page, I masked a photo. On the bottom page, I placed mask 5 from Hipster Plume FotoBlendz No. 7 and clipped a photo to that mask. I lightened the opacity of both masks across the page gutter.

Finally, to coordinate the two pages, I filled in the background, stamping stains and splatters on new blank layers as well as adding transfers from ArtPlay Palette Mountain High and another transfer from ArtPlay Palette Heartland.

Was it more work to do two pages at one time? No, in fact, I think I’ll use the strategy again. Doing two pages at the same time made it easier for me to coordinate the pages by selecting templates from the same album set. I also think that determining how many pages I was going to include for this event in my book helped me to decided which photos to include. Finally, working on the two pages at the same time helped me to coordinate the color scheme and page look with transfers on both pages. I’m definitely going to try this strategy again for the pages at some waterparks that I still need to complete.




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  1. Anne Hargreaves

    Hello Linda, I have been meaning for some time to comment on your recent posts detailing how you achieved the results for your layouts. I especially like the fact that you take the trouble to explain why you make certain decisions and choices. Obviously still a true teacher at heart (takes one to know one!). Your books will be such a treasure to your family, I’m sure. So thank you so much.

    • Thank you Anne; although I have retired, it would appear that the teacher in me hasn’t. I am still enjoying teaching through sharing on this blog and thank you for the encouragement to continue.

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