The Camellias Are Blooming

When I remembered the three varieties of camellias that I grew in my yard in California, I thought it was quite an opportunity to photograph those displayed for judging at a camellia show as well as those growing on the large old shrubs in the Japanese Garden on a rainy morning at Huntington’s Garden and Library. When I saw all those camellias, I knew that I was going to extract several different varieties to create a page. There were so many, it was difficult to choose.

I began my page placing seven of Anna’s twigs: ArtPlay Palette Swell, ArtPlay Palette Tinge, ArtPlay Palette Yule, ArtPlay Palette Oasis, ArtPlay Palette Glance, ArtPlay Palette Festal, ArtPlay Palette Canyon. I tentatively placed them before I began to place the extracted camellias. This is the final placement.

I extracted each of the camellias using the Quick Selection Tool, the properties panel and a layer mask. The process went more quickly than I anticipated. However, I would recommend that you save your work frequently. I didn’t and lost some of my extractions. I must say, I’ve had a lot of practice with the Quick Selection Tool completing this page. I found it easier to make my arrangement by placing all the camellias on the right and then moving them over one at a time. I gave each a shadow.

Next, I placed a photo of the bridge in the garden below the camellias. I roughly masked out the bridge and applied a preset in Lightroom that gave it a sketch effect. Unfortunately, I can’t point you to a current source. It was created by Studio Romy, but I bought it at least 4 years ago. In addition to the photo, I placed a brush from Anna’s Statues No. 1 behind the bridge.

Above the bridge, I placed textures from Spackle Textured No. 1 to rough up the bridge a bit. I duplicated the twigs, moved that group up above the camellia extractions and then erased parts with the Eraser Tool.

On the right side, I placed template 18 from WaterColor Template Album No. 4. I adjusted the position of the layers and text box enough to accommodate the span of the left page. To the frames, I clipped photos of camellias that I had taken while walking in the Japanese Garden. I clipped a photo of the Japanese house to which I applied the same preset to the fotoblendz mask. I added a glow and recolored the stains.



Perfect Combination


A Camera and iPhone


  1. Xiaofano

    No words!!! just awesome

  2. What inspiration you share Linda! Extracting is a challenge for me at this point, but I love your beautiful cluster of camellias. Thank you!

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