At the beginning of August, I shared some photographs of the Anne Frank exhibit at the Museum of Intolerance in Los Angeles. I have asked myself how so much cruelty could have been allowed to occur to so many during this period of modern history. A statement, part of one recording, stayed with me as we walked through the exhibits: if you repeat the lies often enough people begin to believe them.

For this page, I wanted to contrast the photo of sisters Anne and Margo Frank as little girls with the time in which Jewish families were torn apart and murdered during World War II.

AnneFrank_APPCosmopolis, ATCosmopolis_lkdavis_1000

I am really a very traditional scrapbooker by design, often dividing my pages into three parts: framed photo, blended photo and journaling. However, my basic page components alone did not convey my feelings as I viewed the exhibit.


Conveying a feeling or look is one reason that I love different shapes and textures combined on background papers or paper frames, i.e. MultiMedia Frames No. 4, for traditional page designs for my photos.  In Anna’s new ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis, solid paper 5 is a beautiful blend of a simple, more traditional solid with an unusual texture.


For this page, I arranged my traditional page components to fit solid paper 5. I extracted the background photo and placed it so that Anne Frank’s writing hand fit into the space between the torn edges on the paper. I blended some of the layers from set 5 of Artsy Transfers Cosmopolis with two png transfers from the ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis to fill in the paper background. I could have stopped here, but I didn’t think my page conveyed just what I was feeling yet.


Adding texture changes the feel of a scrapbook page. To create additional texture on my background, I layered brushes from ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis and ArtPlay Palette Antiquity along with the texture layers from frame 1 in MultiMedia Frames No. 4 and two png textures from Taped Textures No. 6.


Finally, I placed small clusters of elements on my page to create visual triangles that help move the viewer’s eye across the page. I also added a faded words from Art WordART Mix No. 1 just to the right below the frame layers.


For this page, I think that a special paper in combination with brushes and textures contributed to the poignant feel of the story that I was trying to convey with these photos. Artistic pages are more than page design; they are also a feel or a look that support the photos and tell the story.