Every fall, sunflowers bloom on a little prairie near us. The sunny yellow is stunning against a blue sky. Bees flit from one bloom to the next. I took my granddaughter Kate to play among the blooms a couple of years ago; she was delighted of course! I’m looking forward to walking this prairie again this fall. I chose this photo to create this page because I loved the focal cluster of sunflowers.

After placing solid paper 4 from ArtPlay Palette Sol, for a little more depth, I placed artsy paper 1 above on normal blend mode at 40%. I placed my photo, duplicated it and applied a painterly effect with Topaz Simplify.

With fotoblendz overlay 4 from FotoBlendz Overlays No. 10 highlighted, I pressed option and clicked so that I got the marching ants. Then I went back up to highlight the photo Simplify layer and clicked the icon at the bottom of the layers panel to mask my photo layer. On my mask, I also stamped brushes from ArtsyStains No. 3 and AnnaBlendz Artsy No 7 to reveal more of my photo. Adjustments to the photo and changing the blend mode to multiply made the blue in the sky disappear.

Next, I used a combination of the Quick Selection Tool and the delete key to extract the sunflowers most clearly in focus on a duplicate of the original photo on normal blend mode at 100%. I gave that layer a drop shadow. Above that layer I placed another copy of the Simplify layer, attached the same mask and reduced the opacity to 30% on normal blend mode.

For additional texture, I placed transfers from ArtPlay Palette Sol and ArtPlay Palette Shine as well as transfer 5 from Artsy Transfers Shine above and below my photo layers.

Next, I placed the layers of psd file 3 from MultiMedia Suns No. 3 below my extraction layers.

I added urban threadz from UrbanThreadz No. 3.

Finally, I added a title using a font called Garden Pro. To that I added a wood layer style as close to that on the wooden sun as I had. I used an ornament included with this font that looked like the sunflower leaves and gave that the same style. I placed a copy of an extraction above the leaf and tacked both the flower and ornament down with a button thread. On the right, I placed a yellow button and gave it the same layer style before tacking it down with another thread from ButtonThreadz No. 2.

I love the sunny, cheerful look of my artsy sunflower page!



Inspiration: a Brush and a Memory


White on White Plus Pink


  1. Marilyn Fromherz

    How beautiful that is…I have some poppy fields I took this summer in California I want to try this on. Took the Artplay class couple of weeks ago, got Topaz Simplfy with your recommendation and having so much fun with this – making my own cards for friends. Thanks for sharing.

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