As I was adding keywords to the photos that I imported into Lightroom yesterday, I remembered photos from August with Kate and her dad together. That sparked an idea for a two page spread for the book I am creating this year. However, I also need a simple way to scrap some of the photos I capture so that I am not overwhelmed with the task of creating a year long book. I often remind myself that not every page I create for this book needs to be an elaborate piece of art.

I can’t think of an easier way to scrap groups of photos than with templates from one of Anna’s albums, for example Travel Template Album No. 2. With last year’s book, I learned that templates with simple white frames and artsy fotoblendz masks worked well with the other pages that I created.


I opened template 7 from the album and dragged all the layers to a new 24×12 inch document. Although I am not ready to finish the right side, I created a 24×12 inch document because it is so much easier to work with the two pages together. I will use another template from the same album for the right side.


The page came together quickly since I didn’t make many changes. I enlarged the journaling space and darkened the fotoblendz masks with a brush from AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 3 so that Kate’s face was more clearly visible. I added brushes from Farm Animals No. 1 and No. 2 just above the paper. With a button and threads, I finished the page. Making changes will be easy when I am ready to finish the other side.


I am working on another page for my book that’s taking a lot longer to finish. Stopping to create a simple two page spread with one of Anna’s artsy template album pages actually encourages me to persist and not feel overwhelmed with a year long project.