Start with a Brush

Sometimes all you need to begin a piece of art is just one brush as I share below.

Stamp brush 1 of San Francisco No. 1 on a new blank document.

Drag the frames, stitching and one text box from template 3 of Travel Album No. 4 on to the document above the brush.

Clip a photo to each mask. In this case I used just one photo, but changed the crop for each mask.

Below the brush place transfers 1, 3 and 4 from ArtPlay Mini Palette Harken.

Add heart and button from mini palette. Create title and write journaling.

Yes, I left my heart in San Francisco and I’d go back to see all the things I didn’t see.


Best Man


Color Challenge


  1. Deborah Brown

    Love your brush.

  2. Jeanne Bertolina

    Love your page, especially the way you chopped up the wharf sign. Very original. I live right outside of SF and it is truly wonderful and horrible in turns. Getting in and out of the city is such an ordeal, we hardly ever go. BART will only take you to a limited area, not the park or the bridge or the wharf or Japantown. Luckily we have no more need to do all the touristy stuff which makes you feel like you’re in Tokyo during the rush hour. Went in to go to SFMOMA (a work of art in itself and SO worth it) and the walk from the closest train station, which is about 6 city blocks, was so crowded and noisy with all the traffic and construction (after standing 45 minutes on the train), I felt like someone beat me up before we even got there. Visiting San Francisco is not for the weak or faint of heart (or those of us who are becoming long in the tooth). But in all fairness, London, Rome, Paris, and especially Venice are probably just as bad. Still I love the Bay Area and would not want to live anywhere else despite all its challenges. I just prepare mentally for a trip into the city like I would for a trek on Mt. Everest and tough out all the hardships.

    • What a great description of San Francisco, great writing!! I loved the city despite the crowds, noise and traffic. I didn’t get to do all the touristy things that I wanted to do. Hopefully, there will be a next time.

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