Experimenting with Anna’s products can be as simple as switching out one mask for another. Or it can mean giving all the background photos on a double page spread a different photo treatment so that they contrast with smaller framed photos. I’ve been playing with a new watercolor action which I described in a previous post and wondered how it might change a template’s look for a garden page.

After playing with a photo of me and my sister in front of a rose trellis, I decided that I didn’t like the effect on us, but I did like it on the climbing roses. So I selected a photo with more of the flowers visible for the background. I adjusted the size of mask 4 from WaterColor FotoBlendz No. 3 with the warp tool in Photoshop so that the mask covered only the roses in the photo. I duplicated the original mask and changed the layer name of the copy to “brush” as required for the action to work. Below is a screen shot of the photo and mask before I adjusted it with the warp tool and filled in parts with a soft round brush.


I ran the action a couple of times and chose the one that I liked best before adjusting the settings for the background color and other layers created by the action. I used this action on all the photos on the background for this two page spread. Then I followed these steps.

After running the action on a photo, create a 24×12 document. Drag the photo with the watercolor treatment on to the new document and resize to fit the right page edge. Change the blend mode to multiply. Open template 6 from WaterColor Template Album No. 3 and drag the layers to the left side of the two page spread above the watercolor photo.


Replace the fotoblendz mask included with the template with mask 4 from WaterColor Fotoblendz No. 6. Flip it horizontally. Clip another photo with the watercolor treatment to the mask. Duplicate the photo, link copies and clip to each of the stain layers.


Run the watercolor action on the third photo for the background. Clip the photo to the mask. Duplicate it, link copies and clip to the stains.


Clip photos to small frames.


Extract figures from the focal photo and place on page resizing as necessary. Note: the shadowing technique is from Anna’s last class, Flipping Clipping.


Drag the frames and text box of template 7 from WaterColor Template Album No. 3 to the right side. Adjust the position of the frames to accommodate the extraction. Clip photos to the small frames.


Recolor the texture on the left. Embellish the layout with splatters, buttons and threads. Add a title and write journaling.


Simple changes with photo treatments can create an artistic look for your scrapbook pages with Anna’s templates.