Simplifying life is a common theme on blogs, many offering guides for decluttering and finding meaning in life by owning less. I’m all for the idea that I don’t need to complicate my life with things that I don’t need, things that take time to clean or space to store. Simplifying also applies to how we use our time. As I spent time with my son and granddaughter today, I thought about simple pleasures.

Four year old Kate loves going places, but it doesn’t have to be far or expensive. Everyday she spends with me she asks, “Where are we going today?”. Riding the ferris wheel with daddy and looking for animals at Scheels delighted both of us today.


It doesn’t matter if it’s going to rain either. A little girl can still walk with her daddy to the lake and eat a cup of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles at DQ.


I haven’t written a guide on simplification, but if I did I would include an entertainment section for grandmothers. I think I would title it “Simple Pleasures”.