Pumpkin Patch and Mud

Our drive to a pumpkin patch yesterday seemed like an easy route according to Maps. However, when I looked down at the unpaved, downhill, muddy road, I wondered how this could be the entrance. It was only after I started back up the hill with my wheels spinning in low drive that I realized that I might need a tow truck to get out of the mud. Fortunately, a staff member watching me offered to help, explaining this was a service road for trucks. He tried pushing from the back of my Honda, but I still couldn’t get far enough up the hill. So he helped reroute my car through the pumpkin patch and out the real entrance.

Run it through a carwash he suggested when I wondered aloud what my husband was going to think about all the mud on my car. The man had to be laughing inside despite his serious expression.

After that little mud adventure, Kate and I enjoyed ourselves at Skinny Bones Pumpkin Patch. First, Kate jumped.


She wouldn’t go down the big slide although she liked the big, stuffed Frankenstein figure on stairs up the slide.


Then she road the cow train. I’m not sure what it says about Kate that all the boys were sitting in their cars while she stood during her second ride. However, she does have three older brothers.



Then Kate and I rode a pedal car together.


Kate climbed up on the bicycle with ET in the basket. She really wanted to take him home. I will have to rent the movie for her so that she will know the story of the plush animal she wanted to take home with her.


Next, Kate had her face painted. She chose a pink butterfly.


She held hands with some little girls as they jumped into a corn pool.


Kate chose cotton candy for a snack before we walked through the corn maze. I think the kettle corn might have been a cleaner choice. Fortunately, another staff member offered us wet paper towels to clean off her hands.


Kate was still eating cotton candy when she sat on a bench among the pumpkins.


Before going home, Kate wanted to jump one more time.


Later, as we went through the carwash twice with Bill grumbling the entire time, “how in the world did you get all this mud on the car”, I laughed, quietly of course. Kate loved the carwash too!


Change Is Beautiful


Warm Fall Sunlight


  1. Deborah Brown

    Wonderful pictures. Your granddaughter is very photogenic! And, you’ve got some great journaling ther,

    • Linda

      Thank you Deborah, now I’ve got to figure out how I want to scrap these photos:)

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