With Kate in second grade now and me at home, it isn’t easy to stay in touch. I try to message or Facetime with her everyday just to see what’s happening. We had a longer conversation than usual on Wednesday which continued on Friday. Poor baby, she wanted a dog for her birthday, a little Pomeranian.

Design to Accommodate Story
  • Place the dialogue of messaging with Kate on the left.
  • Place layers of file 4 from Embers FotoBlendz No. 1 on the right for a photo.
  • Position journaling below photo on the right.

Note: I changed screenshots of dialogue from my iPhone to black and white in Lightroom before cutting and pasting them together. I then created a composite and added a Hue and Saturation Layer to give the screenshots a warmer look. I changed the blend mode to Linear Burn.

Clip Photo to FotoBlendz Layers
  • Place Solid Paper 2 from ArtPlay Palette Embers. Reduce the opacity to 50%.
  • Below the Solid Paper 2, place solid paper 1 at 100%.
  • Above both papers, place Transfer 1 from ArtPlay Palette Embers. Mask as needed to ensure photo is clearly visible.