I really wished the garden was open. I miss walking with my camera in a rainbow of color every spring. Instead, I was thinking about an expense we really didn’t want, but the compressor on the heat pump was going out and the furnace was rusted. As I looked out the window at the sunshine beaming down on the new grass, I kept thinking about what I was missing, wanting to be at the garden again with my camera. Instead, I waited and tried to stay away from the installers.


I often combine layers from different files to create a page. In this case, I knew that I wanted to use the Artsy Transfer and then looked for other pieces to use to tell my story.

Note: I deleted part of the thread and pasted it to a new blank layer so that I could use it separately.

  • Place layers of file 5 from Rainbow FotoBlendz No. 1 below the transfer layers.
  • Clip photo to the mask.
  • Turn off color layers as desired.

Note: I used only the green, red and orange.

  • Place the clover and button face from ArtPlay Palette Rainbow next to the frames.
  • Move the second piece of the thread into place.

In case my journaling didn’t explain Petulance, I’m feeling childishly sulky or bad-tempered, especially after dealing with two young men who didn’t wear masks. I wore one!


Rainbow Possibilities


Toilet Paper


  1. Margo Juhasz

    Fabulous, Linda! I really like to see your tutorials. Thanks for the constant inspiration Linda!

    • Linda

      Thanks Margo; I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to respond!

  2. Kay Gregory-Clark

    Hi Linda. This is one of the best layouts I’ve seen for the Rainbow palette. I find your journaling confusing, though—seems as if it should start with the left column, and also, when I start from the right, my eye has the tendency still to drop down to the left after the first paragraph. Having more spacing between the 2 columns would help, but it would be infinitely better to reverse the columns. If you want the shorter column to the left, you can always manipulate the text in the boxes.
    Also, is it YOUR garden you can’t walk through? If so, it’s beautiful. And why can’t you go there? I have been spending a lot of time in mine, mostly weeding and mulching, and now that flowers are blooming—taking lots of photos!

    • Linda

      Thank you Kay for your feedback! I’m going to try combining the text boxes. Sorry for the confusion, the photo isn’t my garden although I do have some pretty photos there too. It’s too early for photos yet. The garden I miss is Lauritzen Garden, my favorite place here to take a photos. It’s closed, .

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