Anna’s new template album, WaterColor Template Album No. 4, provided a perfect design base for showcasing photos that I captured on a rainy morning at the Huntington Library and Gardens. I made only one change to the template in order to accommodate my photo of the structure with the blooming tree behind the roof, enlarging the fotoblendz mask at the top and darkening one section of the mask with a brush.

It actually took me longer to decide which photos to place in each of the small frames to balance the color on my page than it did to complete this page.

To fill the white space next to the journaling on the left and help move the eye across the page, I created a sketch of a photo of a peach blossom and brought back some color with one layer photo layer on color burn at 50% and the second on normal at 5%.

To accent the sketch, I placed layers from Artsy Transfers L’Amour, file 2 below the sketch. I recolored the stains, shifted the position of a couple of layers and masked out a part I didn’t want.

With paper from ArtPlay Palette L’Amour, layers from file 4 of MultiMedia Hearts No. 3 and the Chinese symbols for the name of the garden I finished my page.

What’s great about using Anna’s templates is that the focus is on the photos yet the page arrangement is still artsy. In my mind this is the perfect combination: some of my best photos and an artsy page design.