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After sharing with a friend in January that I wasn’t feeling especially creative after finishing my 2015 book project, more like burned out I’d say, she gave me some valuable advice about this activity that I’ve been engaged in for the last five years, specifically scrapbooking. Remember this is supposed to be a hobby, its supposed to be fun, and it’s not supposed to be stressful or keep you awake at night. If any of those statements are not true, then you need to ask yourself how you can move back in the right direction.

So I stepped back a bit creatively to spend time considering my focus for this year and determining reasonable goals for my photography and scrapbooking. That’s one reason why I’ve been reevaluating my style. I remembered writing a list defining my style several years ago, but even after reorganizing my hard drive I couldn’t find it. When I have this feeling of not wanting to create, I often find that distractions, i.e. organizing my external hard drive or scrolling Facebook, while pleasant, are generally useless for fostering my creativity. So I’ve begun a new list describing the characteristics of my photo centric style. For example, I often blend and/or extract my photos on neutral papers.

However, I am learning that sometimes it’s good to try something new when you don’t feel especially creative, do something outside your normal creative routine. I’m not really a stripe person, but for this layout, I experimented with a stripe paper from Anna’s new ArtPlay Palette Sunkissed. I decided that I liked the added interest and balance the paper provided with the weight of the tulips.

2016-04-24_SunPleaseBackground SunPlease_ATSunkissed_lkdavis_600

I don’t know if you are into making lists the way I am, but this is the beginning of a descriptive list of my photo centric style. I may incorporate stripes into my new list following my latest experiment. Over the next few weeks, I’ll add to this new list as I pinpoint more characteristics of my current style.

  • color photographs on solid neutrals
  • blending
  • extractions
  • journaling

What would your list look like?


Finding Your Style


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  1. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL art Linda!! I’m not sure what my list would look like, I’m still trying to figure out all the various techniques and pieces that comprise Anna’s products. I need to watch the videos from the classes I’ve taken from her again and just start over I’m afraid. Although the past couple days I HAVE been doing some layouts but can’t say that I’m altogether thrilled with them. .

    • I know the feeling Cheryl. It’s been good for my creativity to take some time to think about my style, how I work, what I know and what I still want to learn. I’ve gotten three pages done in the last few days, two of which I actually like!!!

  2. Miki

    Interesting article, Linda. I’m not sure what my style is. I know it’s always evolving and changing. I’m going to go through all of my old pages and see if there are certain styles/techniques that stand out. You’ve got me thinking now!

    • I’m delighted to hear that I have provoked some thought about this topic, especially considering that I recognize the distinctive quality of other artists pages without even reading their name. Hope you enjoy the time reflecting as much as I am. Thanks for commenting!!

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