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I have a CSC, compact system camera. It’s like a DSLR in that I can change lenses. However, it doesn’t have a complex mirror system like DSLRs have. For my mirrorless, crop sensor Fuji X-T2, I have three lenses: an 18-135mm zoom, a 35mm prime and a 60mm macro. On this trip to California I decided to go light weight, taking just my little 35mm and 1:2 macro. My camera and the 35mm lens are both water resistant which proved to be an advantage since it rained 5 out of 7 days on this trip. Note: I did carry an umbrella.

On a crop sensor camera, a 35mm lens is equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame. That focal length is often called a normal lens in that it gives the perspective of what the human eye sees. I chose to challenge myself by using just my 35mm lens to capture both a landscape perspective and close ups of flowers at the Huntington Library. Most landscape photographers use a wide angle lens. Often, flowers are photographed with a 1:1 macro lens. Since I had neither with me, I experimented with my normal lens.

While my sister and I were there, we visited the camellia show and photographed the blooming camellias. I hope to create another flower page with some of the photos that I made of the camellias.

I also decided that I love my little 35mm lens and small camera body!


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  1. Beautiful photos! I have an Olympus Mirrorless camera (EM10 Mark II). I love it! Lightweight, changeable lens and gorgeous photos. Still learning about lenses, so I appreciate your story.

    • Linda

      Thank you so much for your comment. My sister and I looked at Olympus while I was in CA as she’s shopping for a camera. She hasn’t made a decision yet, but you sound like you love your little camera as much as I do mine:)

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