One More Beautiful Day

Every time I visit my sister, we have tea at the Huntington Library and Gardens. It’s our biannual tradition. Just as we finished tea and started to take photos of one another in the Rose Garden, a man passing by offered to take a photograph of us together. I handed him my camera and hoped. We don’t get many shots like this, but we agreed that this was a keeper.

2016-08-06 131808

I didn’t make as many photographs as I usually do on our walks in the gardens. We were talking about sad family news my husband had received that morning.

2016-08-06 135136

The Chinese Garden is one of our favorites. My sister found a bench and began sketching that bridge.

2016-08-06 130239

I continued walking the paths, practicing with my camera before returning to the bench where my sister was still sketching.

2016-08-06 130342 2016-08-06 130943

The water lilies were blooming.

2016-08-06 132251

2016-08-06 130452

On our walk back through the Rose Garden, I wondered how it might have looked in May or June when it was at its peak.

2016-08-06 143040

Time is really a gift from God; for us, one more beautiful day together!



Little Corona Beach


Watercolor Play


  1. xiaofano

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful journey and pictures. Great !

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