One Idea Leads to Another

This layout was inspired by content in Anna’s class, Advanced Brushes, as well as her class, aAYear of ArtPlay. After finishing the videos from lesson 1, I sat down to play with some of the ideas from class. All I wanted to do was practice so I would remember some of the new information. I didn’t intend to create a new page. However, the brush play led to another idea that I picked up from the February lesson of aA ArtPlay. Before I knew it I had created this layout with one photo, a new brush from Countryside Brushes No. 2, Artsy Transfers Moorlands, MultiMedia Leaves No. 6 and ArtPlay Palette Moorlands. Sometimes, artplay is like that, one idea leads to another and then another.

I will admit that I tend to just use the png versions of Anna’s brushes, well except for her AnnaBlendz brushes. After uploading the new brushes, I stamped brush 4 on a new blank layer and clipped my photo to the brush. I chose this one because I thought the watercolor look of the lower part would work with the water in my photo and I liked the dominant horizontal line in the brush. There is also a pretty texture on the left that is a little hard to see on the white background. I did enlarge the brush a little with the bracket keys before stamping it on a new layer.

Then I placed a duplicate copy of the photo, linked to the original, below the brush and original photo. I added an inverted mask to my duplicate and stamped with the same brush, using white for as the foreground color, on the black mask. I changed the blend mode of that photo copy to multiply. To fill in the upper space, I used a brush from AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 5. The blending brush I chose is quite open so I left my opacity at 100% and stamped in the area above the lake to bring back in the trees and bicyclist.

Next, I dragged the layers of file 1 from Artsy Transfers Moorlands. I turned off three layers and adjusted the color with a hue and saturation layer to work with my photo. I love the flexibility available with psd layers of Anna’s transfers.

I then placed a fotoglow above the photo layers and changed the blend mode to overlay at 40% in order to lighten the area around the bicyclist.

Finally, I added the psd layers of file 4 from MultiMedia Leaves No. 6 and adjusted the color of the leaves with a hue and saturation layer. With a subtitle below a word art from Scenic WordART No. 1 and another copy of the fotoglow on normal at 50%, I finished my page.

I am not going to add any journaling, after all, this layout was just supposed to be a few minutes of practicing with class material. Now that I have finished a page, I will print it for an album and remember how much I enjoy on going learning. I’m already looking forward to the next lesson in Anna’s Advanced Brushes that comes out later today!!!




Evening Light


More Brush Practice


  1. Thank you so much . . love your instructions . .

  2. Ellen

    thanks for explaining how you got to the lovely end product. The effect of the fotoglow on the cyclist is amazing. i must try and remember that.

  3. Thanks, Linda!! I made a layout based on your tutorial. It’s in the Advanced Brushes Facebook group. Thanks so much for your great instruction!

    • Linda

      I’m so glad you liked the tutorial, going to see your layout now!!

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