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My friend, Adryane, and I collaborated on another two page spread with some photos that I sent her via dropbox. This time she told me that the idea for a page design came almost instantly when she saw the photographs of my grandson, Corbin, reading his book to his sister, Kate. Sometimes it’s like that; someone else sees a possibility that you don’t, especially when you are hurrying, just trying to get the photos scrapped by the end of the year. It’s also a reminder to worry less about finishing a project and more about enjoying the creative process. I must say that both Adryane and I enjoyed this one.

We thought that you might enjoy seeing the products used to recreate elements from Corbin’s book cover. The grass is pieced from an element in ArtPlay Palette Moments. The sun is part of the psd layers from file 5 of MultiMedia Suns No. 1. To that Adryane added the sun rays.

On the right are frames from file 5 of Travel Album Template No. 2. I would not have thought to crop the middle photo and extract my grandson from the photo of him holding up his book, but I loved Adryane’s graphic idea.

The left is an extraction of Corbin from a photo of him at his desk and an extraction of Corbin’s dog from the book cover. We gave the dog a sticker effect. The background text from Corbin’s book is a font called Primary. The title is Child’s Play.

I found a copy of last year’s book right next to Corbin’s bed on Thursday morning. His daddy told me that he likes to read the stories. I imagine that he’s going to love this page about his book reading party at school. I’m going to tell him about how my friend Adryane and I collaborated together to create this page for him.


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  1. Adryane

    A fun two pages to make!

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