Green leaf lettuce is a staple for my meals. No matter what other vegetable, fruit or protein I use, green leaf lettuce is the first layer of every salad bowl. As I learn to shop online for groceries I am also learning to trust someone else to pick out my produce. Today someone else selected my tomatoes. They looked good. Next time, I’m going to ask the store to select my lettuce.

Use Part of a Template
  • Open template 1 from Hipster Plume Template Album No. 5.
  • Place just the frames, splatter, stain, text boxes and plumes.
  • Clip photos to masks.
  • Clip a photo to stains
Mask Screen Shots
  • Place copies of internet screenshots. Mask portions as needed.
  • Place lettuce screenshots in position below the small frames.
  • Add custom shadows as desired.
  • Adjust the position of template layers.
  • Stamp brush 10 from Fare No. 1 to the left on a new blank layer below the frames.
  • Add a splatter from another hipster template on the right.
  • Place just the alphabet beads from Food WordART No. 1 on the thread included in the template.

Learning to shop on line is fun, but challenging too. I didn’t realize until today that there is a box under each item in your cart to make a comment. So many little details to learn about these shopping apps. After the pandemic ends, I may never want to go back to the market.


Zucchini Noodles


Rainbow Possibilities


  1. Diane

    I am also doing online grocery shopping and I miss picking out my own tomatoes and lettuce .

    • Linda

      Hi Diane, I know what you mean. I’m going to try buying lettuce with my next order and use the comment box to specify how I like it. Hoping it goes well.

      • Diane

        So far the on line orders have been good for fresh produce. It’s hard adjusting to the planning two weeks away . Two weeks is usually how long I have to wait to get a spot for a order.

        • Linda

          Sunday was my first online order at the market. Except for no ground beef, everything was fine. I placed the order on Saturday, expecting a week’s wait for a spot but got a next day pick up spot during senior hour. I am fortunate.

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