Kate Wants a Sister

Kate played at the park with a little boy until he tried to take her sand toys home. She told me she would really like a sister because her brothers aren’t always willing to play with her. From my own experience having a twin sister, I can understand why she would like a sister. I asked her what size she would like. She said she’d prefer one as tall as she is, so I guess that rules out a baby sister. I mentioned Kate’s request to her daddy, but he said no.

2016-07-12 125739

2016-07-12 125133

2016-07-12 132124

2016-07-12 132333

2016-07-12 133824



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  1. Su Hall

    Kate could be my own little granddaughter, Jaela. Looking at her photos, I see my Jaela. Alone. Her mommy sent her away to her daddy’s when she was only 6, though. Jaela doesn’t understand why mommy hasn’t come to get her. It’s been 4 1/2 years.
    It hurts. It hurts Jaela and her brother and me.
    Sorry, but, she looks so lonely, I couldn’t help but be a granny.
    You do her so much justice with your shots of her, my dear!

    • Linda

      Thanks for sharing about your granddaughter Jaela. You sound like a wonderful grandma!!! Kate’s wistful expressions made me think of her request for a sister earlier that morning.

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