Kate painted this morning. She knows how to get clean water and wash off her brush so the paints don’t get mixed up. She knows how to keep the paint on the paper. I set her painting aside to dry once she’d finished. Interestingly, she didn’t take home her painting this afternoon. Instead, she chose another painting to share with mommy.

“It’s not wet,” Kate said when she got up from her nap. “Mommy’s going to think this is beautiful,”repeated Kate as we prepared to go home.

I can think of a number of things that mommy might be thinking as she raves about Kate’s painted tigers, aside from how beautiful they are now that they are no longer wet.

  1. It could have been an American Girl or Madame Alexander doll
  2. One painted hand, that’s better than her clothes, the table or walls
  3. I don’t have to clean up the paint

However, Grandmas simply try to enjoy these moments without too much thinking.