Inspiration for a story doesn’t always occur when I make a photograph. For example, I made some photographs of my grandchildren on Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write. I could have written about the little gnome and grass covered rabbit that my grandchildren brought me for my garden, gifts my son thought were hilarious. 2016-05-08 170133-2I know because he smiled the way I remembered him smiling when he’d done something as a boy, something he thought I’d find very entertaining. I could also have written about my grandchildren’s antics while being coaxed to sit together on the little bridge in the wooded area behind our house so that I could make this photograph. However, it wasn’t until Wednesday morning that I found just the story I really wanted to write. Unfortunately, there was simply no time to make any photos Wednesday morning. I was much too busy. So I used a photo I made on Sunday, a photo filled with memories, to write a different story for a scrapbook page.

One morning a week, I am in charge of getting my four grandchildren out of bed and off to school. For some reason, my skills as a young mother and a classroom teacher haven’t transferred to my current grandma status. This morning, I re-entered the kitchen to hear Corbin ask if he could have a cookie. ThisMorningICan'tRemember_lkdavis_600I didn’t immediately notice that he already had most of it in his mouth when I said, “not until you finish your pancakes, so put it back.” I looked up to observe Owen across the kitchen putting two of those cookies in a baggie. He said they were for snack. I questioned, “5th graders have snack time?” “No,” responded Logan as he helped himself to what was left. Then Kate started crying because there were no cookies left for her. Was it like this when my two kids were little? Surely not, but I can’t remember now!!!

I don’t think my family will care that I didn’t capture any photos of what happened on Wednesday morning. I anticipate that they will remember sitting on the bridge and may even laugh at grandma’s story, at least the two older boys will laugh. I can already hear my son laughing.

2016-05-13_WithoutExtractionFor those of you who read my last post, I shared a tip for adding dimension to a layout by extracting part of a picture. Take a look at my page without the extractions. Do you see the difference in depth? Without the extraction, I also do not have the flexibility to place color and texture below their legs. Extracting is a simple process.


After adding some adjustment layers to the photo, I duplicated both the photo and adjustment layers. Next, I extracted my grandchildren’s legs from the copy using the Pen Tool before placing the selection on a layer mask. That allowed me to refine my extraction. Finally, I gave my extraction layer a drop shadow to add even more depth.

Before concluding this post, I want to thank Adryane for sharing her ideas for using the Line Tool at Anna’s latest live event on Saturday, ArtPlay Unedited 2. If you look carefully, you will see the lines I drew on the faded frame of mask 2 from Camera FotoBlendz No. 1 in order to balance my framing lines on the left and bottom of my page. Click on the screenshot below to see the products I used to create this page.





Changing Focus and a Tip for Extractions


Storytelling and Robin-Eggs


  1. What a lovely post Linda! It brings to mind some of the trials I go through when watching my two youngest grandchildren…..2 and just about to be 1 year old. I don’t remember it being that hard. LOL

    • Neither do I, maybe this is the reason a grandma is only the grandma!! It was such a quick dialogue yet it still makes me laugh:)

  2. suruha

    Granny-hood is da bomb as far as I am concerned! LOL ! I took the approach that, when at granny’s, granny’s rules applied. The rules were simple! NO rules! Within reason, of course. I let them make messes and made them clean them up. I let them do all the things they liked to do because mommy just doesn’t have time to and I have a lot more patience. My children taught me patience! I also explained to them that they could only get away with this stuff at granny’s! With mommy, they had to mind. But, enough of that! LOL
    I love the way you add the dimension to your flowers and photos! I have worked at trying to do that. You have to get quite ‘inventive’ to get the masks and paths and shadows all in the right places. But, you know what? That is what I love about Photoshop!
    Thank you so much for your explanation of this process! I am off to work at it.

    • You must be a wonderful grandma, have fun with your artplay! And thank you for taking the time to comment!

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