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There are times when a photo reminds me of something; I make a connection to something else. For example, I captured this photo in February while at the Japanese Tea House at the Huntington Library with my sister. The lack of clutter brings a feeling of calm. On this annual visit, I always resolve to find something else to throw out when I get home. This year we talked about two different authors on the idea of organization and decluttering.

I’m not sure which method for organization I like better: Marie Kondo’s idea to keep only what brings one joy or Margareta Magnusson’s Swedish death cleaning. I have rolled my t-shirts, socks and underwear per the Kondo method. My drawers do look nice that way; I guess that is a form of joy.

However, at my age, I think I might find more joy in Magnusson’s concept of death cleaning: getting rid of the abundance rather than leaving a mess for family to deal with after my death. I resized my birth stone ring for my daughter last Christmas. Her joy was priceless; the ring valuable to her. Yes, I am the type that finds joy in the process of decluttering, remembering what’s valuable and letting go of the rest.

Below are the details for how I created this page.

Clip Photo to Mask

Vertical photos don’t alway fit masks. Sometimes, I adjust the mask, but at other times I adjust the photo.

  • Place the layers of .psd file 4 from UrbanThreadz FotoBlendz No. 3 on a new blank document.
  • Clip a copy of the photo to the FotoBlendz mask.
  • Duplicate the photo and place above the original photo. Adjust the position so that it covers the left edge of the mask that wasn’t quite covered.
  • Attach an inverted mask and bring back in just enough of the color to fill the mask.
Place Transfer
  • Turn on the layers of the frame set.
  • Place Transfer 1 from ArtPlay Palette Ochre below the photo and frame layers.
Build Background
  • Place Transfer 4 on the left side.
  • Place Overlay 1 on the right side.
  • Above the Overlay, place Artstroke 2.
Add Journaling and Title
  • Place word art from Onward WordART Mix No. 1 on the right side.
  • Place At Once word art from Onward WordART Mix No. 1 below the title and reduce the opacity to
  • Create two text boxes for journaling, placing one above and one below the title.
  • Add subtitle “Inspiration”.

If your photo doesn’t quite fit a mask, there are multiple ways to fix the problem. Shifting the position and masking a second photo is one way.


Little Lime Hydrangeas




  1. Diane Weber

    I always enjoy reading your processes, Linda, but I learned something new – I had not heard of death cleaning, but I’ve been doing it. It really hit home after I had to clean my mom’s house after her passing. It was a heartbreaking process that I do not wish on my daughter. I too have all my socks and T shirts and underwear rolled up 😉

    • It is a relatively new concept to me as well but I like the idea!! I actually enjoy decluttering my own things, just not that of others. I emphathize with your feelings on your mom’s passing.

  2. Marleen

    Linda what a fantastic page, so very beautiful! Your photo match so perfect with the new APP Ochre. The frame and the great cluster make this page completely, your creativity is super, your Art is always so perfect.

    Thanks for the tutorial and wishing you a great Sunday!

    Marleen xxx

    • Marleen, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your beautiful minimalism influences me!

  3. Oh, Linda, how I relate! I had not heard of “death cleaning,” but I will check it out because I’m at that place. And yes, I do the clothes rolling, etc. Doesn’t help with tossing out. Within the past year I’ve helped my mother-in-law and my best friend downsize—I mean, REALLY downsize, one going into a tiny house after living in a big farmhouse, and the other into an assisted living facility. Each time I came home from helping them, I told myself I need to do the same myself. I’ve always been a packrat—not quite a hoarder, but in some manner close! I have huge stashes of sewing and scrapbooking materials, and then there’s my genealogy “stuff.” To say nothing of the boxes of dishes, glassware and memorabilia from my family. Just this week my husband reminded me I’d better start getting rid of things because our kids live far away and won’t be able to do what I’ve been doing with Mom and Barb. Plus, they don’t even want our stuff or even have room for it. Maybe an item here and there.

    I love your layout! I just purchased Anna’s Ochre ArtPlay Palette, but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. Your page inspires me even though I can’t read the journaling.

    • Kay, I certainly identify with you, my kids don’t want most of what I have either. I’ve found it easier to do a few items a day. It’s easier to read the journaling on my blog, I can’t read what’s in the gallery either. Thank you!

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