It rained this morning, so we decided to walk downtown in search of some candy. I selected some healthy dark chocolate pecans. I wish I had bought more than two now.

While we were walking through some other souvenir shops, I heard a voice, loudly saying, “Pizza, pizza, pizza”. As I turned a corner, there stood Kate wearing a pizza hat, holding another and dramatizing a pizza seller with an appropriate Italian accent.

Mommy said no to the idea of Kate taking one home.

During a break in the rain, we walked out the Riverwalk so I could get a family photo.

As we started back, a heavy downpour made everyone run!

After lunch, we played in one of the water parks again. Kate held my hand, saying “I’ll help you grandma,” as we climbed up the structure and slid down. The only one I didn’t like was the green one because it was too low once I slid off the thing.

Kate wanted to ride the bumper boats, but since she’s not tall enough to ride by herself, I told her that I would drive. I don’t often hand off my camera, but I did today.

Jeff returned my camera and I captured a few more photos. This is about the only one I have of Owen’s face. He doesn’t want his photo taken any more. He turns around if he sees me trying to capture him.

Thankfully, Logan is still willing to pose for a moment.

I just have to be quick to capture Kate.

Corbin is also still willing to show me what he’s doing so I can make a photo.

Later, when I got back from swimming 30 laps, Kate was sound asleep next to Mommy, but the boys were still out with Daddy.

I am the family photographer. I don’t really like having my own photo taken. However, as I imported the photos tonight, I think that maybe I should try to hand it off again tomorrow. Have you thought about handing off your camera?