As part of a photography class, I am walking Lauritzen Gardens once a month this year. The photo below captures part of the Victorian Garden, a gift from the Hitchcock Foundation in memory of two sisters, within Lauritzen Gardens. While the temperatures are still too cold to plant vulnerable annuals, the tulips and daffodils are in full bloom at the moment. I am enjoying capturing the seasonal changes with my camera, especially trying different aperture settings and working the angles. Once I import my photos into Lightroom, my perspective changes as I begin to think about creating art with a photograph. For example, I created the page below with this photo.

2016-04-17 124949SunKissedVictorianGarden_SunKissed_lkdavis

This next photo was the source for another layout.

2016-04-17 120728


Despite appearing quite different, both layouts reflect my style as I created pages with some photographs that I made on my walk in the gardens. To both photos, I applied a custom filter using Topaz Simplify. On both layouts I used masks and blended the photos. On both pages, I extracted part of a photo and used threads to anchor the extractions. On both pages, I wrote some journaling and added the date and a title.

At one point, I wondered if I had my own style; I read an interesting article about finding your own style in the October 2012 issue of Masterful Scrapbooking. The article stated that eventually you find your style if you remember why you’re making pages, use products you like, practice what you’re good at and continue to develop your skills. Blending, artistic filters, extractions and journaling reflect my preferences and strengths for creating an artsy page; they are part of my style. The way I work with color, my preference for solid colors and texture, my emphasis on balance, the products I use are part of my style. My scrapbooking style is as distinctive as my writing voice and the photographs that I make. I want my family to see and hear my voice in the pages that I create because it is for them that I am making photographs and creating pages.