Fall Play

We had some beautiful warm days last week to rake leaves. Today, it didn’t get beyond 45° at mid afternoon. So I played inside this afternoon with last week’s photos, some of which are a little blurry because my granddaughter, Kate, moves quickly when playing in the leaves. Grandpa had three nice piles by the time she arrived to help. She didn’t ask him whether she could mess up his work, but loudly said as she wagged her finger for emphasis, “Grandma, you said I could play in one pile of leaves.”


Since Grandpa is part of the story, I wanted to include him on this page for our book. However, I didn’t think the photos with a big trash worked. So I placed one of the photos of Grandpa and Kate cleaning up leaves above the fotoblendz mask of template 6 from Project Template Album No. 2 and roughly extracted grandpa.


I worked with the fotoblendz masks from templates 5 and 6 visible. I didn’t need to extract more because the grass would cover his feet. I lowered the opacity of the photo.


To extend the grass I used another fotoblendz mask from a template in the set, clipped a photo to it and adjusted the position. I then filled in the background by clipping photos to stains and hipster plumes, placing transfers 4, 5 and 6 from ArtPlay Palette Festal, and adding textures from Spackle Textures No. 5.


To finish my page, I placed the psd layers from MultiMedia Branches No. 8 and MultiMedia Leaves No. 5 at the top of the layers panel. I moved some of the layers under the frames but left the leaves, shadows and stitching above the frames. I substituted a button from the art play palette for the buttons included with the multimedia files. On the right side I placed sprinkle 1 from LeafSprinkle No. 1.


The title is an experiment with color and blend modes. I sampled a color from the leaf pile below and changed the blend mode to multiply. I adjusted the color with a hue and saturation layer to get the color more pink to match the transfers.

My balance seems a little heavier on the right side, but I think the large photo of my granddaughter and the background photo on the left both help to balance the two pages. I will call it a bit of tension and consider this page finished!!!


The Art of Collaboration


One Photo and Mini ArtPlay Palette


  1. Diane Smith

    Well done Linda. I think you capture the joy of the day perfectly.

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