Enjoying Summer

While I haven’t found time to create another page yet, I have been enjoying my summer. Kate and Corbin are spending the night. I have a theory that it is easier for me if I keep them busy. First we walked to the park to play.

Then we walked to McDonald’s for a happy meal and ice cream cones. On the way to McDonalds, we ran in a neighbor’s sprinklers.

2016-07-08 170612

Since we couldn’t find anymore of our neighbor’s sprinklers running as we walked home, I suggested that they might like to run in my sprinklers.  The lack of swimsuits didn’t present a problem. Corbin decided he would simply wear his clothes and then change into his pajamas when he was done. Kate knew she didn’t want a wet dress and removed it before the hose had even filled with water.

2016-07-08 180853

Once the sprinklers were on, Kate decided she didn’t like her pants wet either. So she removed those too. Play resumed.

2016-07-08 183357

It really is nice to have a big brother to show a girl how to have fun.

I’ll be back to creating pages later this weekend. It’s nearly eleven o’clock and I still haven’t got them in bed!!!


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  1. Su Hall

    It sure looks like you all had fun! I guess because we grannies don’t have them all the time, I, too, spend all my time with mine when they come. I have all that other time after they leave to do what I want, so, hey! LOL
    Glad you had fun! They are both adorable!

    • Linda

      We did have fun. However, at 6am, I awoke to see Kate at the side of my bed. “Good morning Grandma,” she said, “it’s morning, time to get up!”. It took me a day to recover, so I’m not quite finished with another layout.

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