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The Red Sunset Maple we planted in our yard in 2012 isn’t quite so little anymore. I’ve been taking photos of it every year when the leaves change. This year, it’s just now in full color. I keep trying different angles. I’m waiting for some sunshine before capturing some photos this year.

Anna Aspnes has a knack for creating shadowed overlays and transfers in her artplay palettes, but overlay 2 has got to be one of my all time favorites. I dragged just the overlay from ArtPlay Palette Rudeneja onto a new blank document with solid paper 1 below and started thinking.

Although I don’t have the skills to create the kind of shadows that Anna creates, I decided to import a photo of just a branch from my Red Sunset Maple tree and try creating something similar. I extracted the branch and created custom shadow by duplicating the extraction, filling it with a dark brown, tweaking the shape with the warp transform tool and changing the blend mode to linear burn. I added a layer mask to the shadow, reduced the opacity in order to try to get it to look more realistic.

To fill the background, I placed artsy paper 2 below my extraction. That helped give my branch more dimension.

I then placed transfer 3, transfer 5 and art stroke 1 from ArtPlay Palette Rudeneja. I adjusted the position of overlay 2 so that it was directly above the overlay on solid paper 2 and changed the blend mode of overlay 2 to multiply to add depth to the paper. Note: That overlay is part of solid paper 2.

With a title from Change WordART Mix No. 1, a mix of two psd files from MultiMedia Branches No. 9 and a sentence of journaling, I decided my page was finished.

Now, what I really want to learn is how to shadow the way Anna does!





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  1. Vickie

    Hi Linda – I’ve never commented before, but I wanted you to know that as a beginner who got interested because of Anna’s beautiful work, I really appreciate your tutorials. You do beautiful work and it means a lot that you share how you put your layouts together. I’m sure a lot of others appreciate you too.

  2. Dominique PRAET

    Hi Linda, I join Vickie to congratulate you and first of all, to thank you for your beautiful work, and your precious tutorials for the beginner I am.
    You are a wonderful artist, as well as Anna. And both of you gave me the virus of digital scrapbooking!
    (sorry for the approximative English, I speak french, from Belgium)

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, I am delighted that you have been hit by the digital scrapbooking bug! It’s a wonderful hobby!!

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