One of my goals this year is to improve my photography, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to add the stress involved in creating a book for the photos I made just for the purpose of learning. However, my flower book project is proving to be one of the easiest projects I’ve ever tackled. I shared my photographic efforts for these flowers in another post, Photographing Cyclamen.

(Note: I photograph in both jpeg and raw with my FujiX-T2. I import my photos into Lightroom and made any adjustments to exposure that I need within Lightroom before exporting them to Photoshop to create scrapbook pages.)

To begin this page, I created a new 24×12 inch document in Photoshop. I then placed my focal photo on the left using the guide lines to align it on my page. The photo was large enough in terms of pixels that I didn’t have to resize it much.

On the right side I placed solid paper 6 from ArtPlay Palette Artsy. That covered the unneeded portion of the photo without deleting any of the photo so that I could still adjust it’s position later if needed.

After determining the orientation of the photos I wanted to use, whether portrait or landscape, I selected FotoInspired DoubleTemplate No. 39. I dragged all the layers above solid paper 6 and reduced the size to about 85%. With the large photo on the left, I like the extra white space. I changed the font in the text box to accommodate the resizing.

I exported the other photos from Lightroom to Photoshop and clipped them to the template masks. If I still needed to adjust the exposure of any photos, I adjusted it with the Camera Raw Filter.

To the text box mask, I clipped another copy of the background solid paper on 100% as well as artsy paper 2 from ArtPlay MiniPalette Cherish on normal blend mode at 50%. On a new layer above the artsy paper, I stamped brush 8 from the mini palette in a color I selected from the photos.

Below the masked photos, I recolored three layers from FotoInspired EdgeTemplates No. 4. I also stamped brushes from ArtsyPaint No. 3 on three new layers in a pink from the photos as well as another brush from the mini palette. Above those layers, I placed lace 1 and lace 2 from ArtPlay Palette Anything. I gave the lace pieces a small shadow. For a little more dimension, I placed a button and tacked it down with a thread from ArtPlay MiniPalette Gelid. I used the same font that I used on a previous page, Photo Art, for my title. I think I will continue using the same font throughout this book.

I love this opportunity to focus on my photography and to create a simple book with the photographs.