One of the nice things about working with a 24×12 inch document for a two page spread rather than trying to piece together two 12×12 pages, is the possibility for easily placing a photo across the two pages. That is what I wanted to do with this photo of Kate 2016-10-07-114112that I captured just before we left the pumpkin patch last Friday. Another useful technique, especially when I have a lot of journaling, is to place  journaling over the background of a photo. After adjusting the light in this photo with adjustment layers and glows, I was able to place my journaling over the background of my photo and to ensure my granddaughter stood out on my layout. I think the title and text box on the left page balances the extraction on the right side.


To mask the background for my extraction, I placed the mask layers from template 4 of Autumn Album Template No. 2. I clipped copies of my photo to the layers. Then I added leaves and stains from other templates from the same album. To each leaf or stain, I clipped a copy of my photo.


I then extracted Kate from the photo and gave her a custom shadow. You may not have noticed that in the original photo, her toes were cut off by the mat. So I extracted her right foot from another photo and rotated it into position. To simulate the sunlight behind Kate, I placed several glows, reduced their opacity and changed the blend modes.


To accommodate all the photos I wanted to include on these pages, I simply dragged over the frames and masks from templates 15 and 19 in Travel Template Album No. 2. It was quicker for me to drag over a set of frames rather than recreating/duplicating/positioning frames so that I would have enough spaces for photos.

After clipping my photos to the masks, I added the layers of file 3 from MultiMedia Pumpkins No. 1 on the left. Then to mimic the look of the multimedia pumpkin, I created masks for the sections of the stitching file 4 from UrbanStitchez Pumpkin No. 1. To each of those masks, I clipped the transfers from the multimedia pumpkin file.


After clipping all of the photos to the frames, I added more leaves from the Autumn Template Album No. 2 below the frames and clipped additional copies of my background photo. I added a black and white adjustment layer to two photos to create a visual triangle with my title. Finally I added a few more elements and finishing my journaling. I created a composite of my two page spread which I then placed on two 12×12 pages. I imported those pages into Lightroom and added them to the book section.


Combining frames and masks from Anna’s templates is an easy way to pull together a two page spread.