I captured this shot of Kate putting her letter to Santa in his mailbox when we went to see him recently. She had written a series of letters and signed her name on her letter to Santa. While Santa has her first letter now, I thought she might like to know how she was thinking about letters Santa, so I asked her to dictate to me a letter to Santa. I created a brush with her signature.

I created a sketch first and than applied a photo treatment to a copy of the original with Topaz Simplify. The sketch is on linear burn blend mode at 100%. The original below is at 5%. The first layer clipped to the sketch is on normal at 25%. The other layers clipped to the sketch layer are on soft light, screen and overlay at 100%. There is one more sketch layer above those clipped to the first sketch. That layer is on multiply at 50%. I gave that layer a custom shadow for depth.

Next, above the photo group, I placed transfer 5 from ArtPlay Palette Kitschmas and adjusted the red with a hue and saturation adjustment layer. Below the group of photo layers, I placed an art stroke and color overlay from the art play palette. Below that I stamped brush 1 from Kitschmas No. 1.

Solid paper 2A in ArtPlay Palette Kitschmas has little red Santas embedded in the pink background. I wanted those Santas but on a white background. To remove the pink but keep the red Santas, I used replace color under adjustments in the image menu. There are two copies on linear burn at 100%.

I also used the content aware tool to copy and move one little Santa to repeat the color motif under Kate’s signature.

That completed a simple layout about a Christmas memory.