Have you read Adryane’s post, Create an Autumn Collage? In that post she explains how she combined several fotoblendz masks to create a collage of transfers, papers, and word art by clipping them to the masks. I always admire her work; she thinks so creatively with Anna’s designs. Needless to say I wondered what I could do with Adryane’s mask idea using a photograph of my hydrangeas’ fall color without recreating exactly the same page that Adryane created.


I began by overlapping mask 3 from MultiLayered FotoBlendz No. 2 and masks 3 and 4 from MultiLayered FotoBlendz No. 3 on my page. I adjusted the size of mask 4 and blended out part of it using a layer mask. I flipped mask 3 horizontally.

Note: I used the png versions of the masks rather than the psd versions.


To those masks, I clipped copies of the same photograph to create a background with the masks. 2016-10-07-150244Initially, I linked the photo copies, but that didn’t allow me the flexibility to focus on showing the flowers with the masks rather than the green leaves. So I unlinked them and positioned them so they looked like they blended together. Above the masks, I extracted a single panicle from another copy of the same photo.

Note: I captured this photo at 1/420 sec, f/2.8, ISO 800, 60mm so I had a lovely blurred background with which to work. The contrast between the flower and background made it very easy to extract one panicle. I also adjusted the green in the photograph with a hue and saturation adjustment layer so that it blended with the paper. I created a custom shadow by manipulating a style layer.


To intensify the fall color, I placed copies of a glow from MultiMedia Leaves No. 5 above the hydrangea extraction.


I then placed copies of transfer 8 from ArtPlay Palette Fallen Blush below the extraction and masks. I changed the blend mode on some copies to color burn at 60%. On the top left I placed transfer 4 and overlay 1 on normal blend mode, reducing the opacity of only the overlay.


I then used pieces from file 4 of MultiMedia Leaves No. 5 to focus the eye on my title, word art from Autumn WordArt Mix No. 2. I added the button from ArtPlay Palette Fallen Blush and another thread from UrbanThreadz No. 12.


To finish my page, I added journaling, separating the paragraphs to highlight the dialogue between my husband and I about when to clip off the hydrangea blooms. The cooler temperatures make the green panicles of my Little Lime hydrangeas take on a beautiful warm pink hue. I’ve learned the hard way that allowing the blooms to dry naturally actually helps the plants harden ahead of winter’s cold. I also know he wouldn’t be happy if he has to dig more holes to replant next spring.

My page isn’t a collage with five distinct spaces in the sense of Adryane’s piece of art, but I adapted the concept of using multiple masks. How about you? What would you create by combining and overlapping a few masks?