Photographing my granddaughter is still a work in progress for me. Sometimes, I take just my iPhone and at other times, I take my Fuji X-T2 when we are out together. On our walk yesterday evening, I had my Fuji with a 35 mm lens when we stopped to play on the school’s playground equipment.

I am working on capturing her in my camera frame using the rule of thirds. I set my aperture at 5.6, knowing that would give me a little more depth in focus because I would need to shoot quickly to capture her constant motion.

She doesn’t really like to pose, so I simply follow her. Sometimes, I have enough time to get in position to capture her, for example on this apparatus as she was moving towards me.

Yet the contrast between all the color in the playground equipment and my granddaughter seemed to take the focus off of her. I converted this to black and white quickly by pressing the letter V in Lightroom before exporting it. In some ways, I think the black and white makes a stronger photo.

One might think that my granddaughter and I came across a beautiful field of tulips on our walk. These were growing in a neighbor’s planter in the early evening light. I didn’t have my macro lens with me, only my 35mm f/2.0. I changed the aperture to 2.8 and got down low enough on the ground that there appeared to be a lot more tulips behind the variegated red tulip.

While I don’t have my granddaughter’s face in this photo of a Lego set we finally finished this morning, I love her little hands holding a Lego figure she assembled.

I have the opportunity to make some wonderful memories with Kate, memories I hope photos like these will help her remember.