Logan, one of my grandsons, asked to use my camera on our trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo on Thursday. I handed it to him with instructions on how to move the focus point with the joystick and then press the shutter button half way down to verify focus before taking the picture. Later, after I sent him copies of the pictures he made, he told me he’s going to take up photography as a hobby. I’m delighted of course because I love making photographs and telling stories. I want my grandchildren to enjoy this hobby too.

This page will be part of a two page spread about our trip to the zoo. This side will focus on Logan’s story while the other side will tell a different story about my photography that day at the zoo.

Below is the photo I captured with my iPhone while Logan took photos in the Desert Dome with my camera. It was just a snapshot attempting to capture a story, but I didn’t think it was clear enough as is. I decided that I could use it to create a brush that I would then stamp on my two page spread. To get the photo ready, I exported it from Lightroom and adjusted the levels before applying another black and white preset. Note: I could also have done this in Lightroom.

Once I had the layers on a new 12×12 inch document, I used a layer mask to clean up the edges around my grandson. Then I used the Marquee Tool to outline him and defined just that portion as a brush. I stamped my brush in black on a new layer and again over the original in a lighter neutral to lighten the tone. I duplicated the copy and changed the blend mode to linear burn at 100%. I masked out a portion of the original brush layer so that it would not be too dark.

Below my brush layers, I placed transfer 3 from ArtPlay Palette Anaphora as well as brush 19 from ArtsyStains No. 1 to contain and anchor the stamped image. I erased parts of the transfer and brush directly on the layers.

I dragged the frames from template 15 in Project Template Album No. 2 onto my document and clipped my photos to the frames, adjusting as needed.

Next, I placed most of the layers from psd transfer 4 of Artsy Transfers Anaphora on the right edge to fill in the background behind the framed photos.

For a title foundation, I stamped brush 5 from eAVintage Cameras No. 1 on a new blank layer. I lined it up with transfer 1 from ArtPlay Palette Anaphora before stamping. I used two different stains on layers above to add color to the camera brush. I gave the transfer a color overlay at 48% in the styles panel to give it some color.

Finally, I placed transfer 7 just above solid paper 1, both part of ArtPlay Palette Anaphora. By the time I complete the other side for this two page spread, I will change that transfer. Think of it as a placeholder for the moment while I decide which brushes to use in order to fill in the area across the gutter for a two page spread. The color is right, but I need to adjust the shape.

I still can’t get the dual brush to work with two colors. That is why I simply added color by stamping on individual layers. The Advanced Brushes class has changed the way I’m working with brushes. As Anna put it, my art is evolving!