Blurry Photos Tell Stories

While I had my computer with me on vacation and fully intended to post photos on my blog, it just didn’t happen. I didn’t even get any photos uploaded to Lightroom until I returned home. However, as I review them now, I am going to add a number of stories to the caption space in Lightroom so that the stories are embedded as metadata in each photo. Then if I don’t get to creating the scrapbook pages immediately, I will have something to help me remember the stories that I want to tell. As I upload the photos from my camera into Lightroom, I also pick my favorites, add keywords and file favorites in collections which makes searching for photos I want to use to create a page much easier.

One afternoon, I repeatedly climbed several flights of stairs with Kate in order to reach one of several different slides. I stood behind her, waiting for the guard’s signal to slip down behind her. I don’t have many photos of our time playing together. I didn’t want to ruin my iPhone or camera under all the spraying water.

Yes, this shot of Kate as she’s approaching the stairs appears a bit blurry. She was moving fast. I soon learned that if I didn’t keep up she would disappear from view, which definitely provided a few scary moments as I searched for her. However, sometimes blurry photos help tell the story. In this instance, the blurriness emphasizes just how fast she was going, way too fast for my camera in the dim light, let alone a grandmother standing in a foot of water trying to keep her camera dry.

2016-06-16 121418-Edit

Kate would slide down first and then wait for me at the bottom of each slide, laughing. No, there are no photos of me sliding down. However, I did manage to get one photo of Kate at the bottom of one slide. Try to visualize a three story structure and a grandmother racing to keep up with a little girl flying through sprays of water as she led the way to one of the slides. I slept very well that night!!

2016-06-16 124618

Sometimes I find it hard to get back into scrapbooking after a vacation. I have learned that just spending time reviewing photos, adding keywords, and thinking about the stories the photos tell helps me plan pages. I’m not sure yet what kind of scrapbook pages I’m going to create with all the photos I made, but this is a story that I want Kate to remember. I’ve already added this story to the metadata in Lightroom, I just need to think through a page design.


Focus the Eye with a Frame


Organizing with Lightroom


  1. Diane Smith

    I love your suggestion of using the metadata to store reminders of a trip. Being a grandma of three little girls I smiled and could easily relate to your post.

  2. Su Hall

    I totally understand why women my age don’t have children anymore! LOL Grandchildren are so much fun! I enjoy every moment with them. I guess after all the worries that come with being a mom, being grandma is a cinch! I can still slide and swim and do most everything but run. Oh, don’t make me have to run! Our dog got away from my little granddaughter one day and she took off after the dog, straight towards a busy street! I went as fast as I could. My back is the reason I can’t run. A man had stopped in traffic with his emergency flashers on and was keeping my granddaughter and the dog up on the sidewalk until I could get there! Traffic had slowed and every one of them were jockeying around this saint’s truck without a lot of horn honking! They could see the situation. They say it takes a village to raise a child. That was one ‘villager’ that helped an ‘old’ lady and a child with a pet! God bless him!

    • Su, I sure hope you’ve created a scrapbook page with this story, it shouldn’t be lost to time!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  3. I had a philosophy in my mind……Blurry photos still tell a story… I did a search and found your blog. Why not blurry? Aren’t paintings beautiful and sometimes they are like blurry photos.

    • It makes me smile to know a search led you to my blog. You are so right, a blurry photo does tell a story just as a blurry painting does. I definitely agree with your philosophy. Thanks for the comment!!

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