Blending Multiple Photos

A trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is an opportunity for everyone to play. It’s a dusty, ramshackle cluster of exhibits, animals to pet, mechanical shows, a train ride around a ghost town and the classic hayride into the pumpkin patch. So I attached one zoom lens to my camera before leaving the house because it is never a good idea to change lens with the wind blowing dust. However, it is a fun place with lots of things for kids of all ages, even grandmas with cameras.


I had set my camera on continuous mode trying to capture some good photographs of four grandchildren. In case you are wondering about the large photo on the right, I used three different shots and switched heads, blending them together so that everyone was facing front with eyes open and a good expression. I worked with a composite on my two page spread.

I captured the original photo on a platform stage. 2016-10-28-125343-editTry to visualize my granddaughter dancing to music on her mom’s iPhone and the boys wrestling together, everyone doing their own thing before sitting down on the edge of the stage for me to photograph them together. However, it’s really only a snapshot, nothing out of the ordinary even after replacing two heads.

In order to create a more artistic setting for my grandchildren, I combined photos and transfers to build a background. At one of our stops, there was a rickety ladder that two at a time could climb to a windmill platform.  The green in the trees and silver colored blades looked perfect with ArtPlay MiniPalette Twilight. With a layer mask, I blended that photo into my background paper. Note, that I rotated the photo and repeated it on the left side using AnnaBlendz Artsy No. 3. My grandson will disappear in the blending process.


Next, I blended a photo of pumpkins using the multilayered fotoblendz mask from the bonus materials included with ArtPlay MiniPalette Twilight. I placed it below the windmill photo and reduced the opacity to 60% with the blend mode on normal. I changed the photo to black and white using a hue and saturation adjustment layer. Note: I didn’t see an easy way to work with orange pumpkins and all the colors my grandchildren were wearing. A few pages of black and white photos will balance with more colorful pages in my book.


After reducing the size of the photo of my grandchildren together, I attached a layer mask and blended out the parts that I didn’t want. I extended the platform across the gutter of the two page spread by attaching a layer mask to another photo and blending it into the scene.


With my four photos blended, I added transfer 2, the silver leaves, overlays 1 (recolored) and 2 as well as some brushes and splatters to my page. I then placed file 4 from Stitching by Anna No. 2 between the photo of my grandchildren and the windmill to emphasize the wire circle in the photo. The blades of the windmill and circle stitching create an informal frame drawing the eye toward my focal photo.


With the addition of a few elements, journaling and a title, I finished the right side of my two page spread. I filled in the space on the left with frames and masks with template 12 from Travel Template Album No. 2. I added another photo frame to the template but was only able to accommodate 10 of the more than 600 photos that I captured.


Blending multiple photos with transfers and overlays isn’t as complicated as you might think.


Creating a Cluster


Happy Halloween


  1. Deborah Brown

    Looks really nice. I’ve been struggling with photos of four grandchildren building graham cracker fairy houses one rainy afternoon this summer. Ended up with one photo of three kids and four houses and one kid with four houses but with her thumbs up high over her head. Cute but it would have been nice to have them all together. Maybe next time.

    Thanks for the tutorial! Much appreciated and great ideas.


    Deborah S. Brown

    • Linda

      I identify with your efforts to get all the grandchildren together, it isn’t easy is it!! You are welcome and thank you!!

  2. rentschlerk

    Enjoyed your blog as always! Thank you for all the mini lessons you teach! (btw, this was the first time in 16 years we did not go to Vala’s. Kinda sad about that)

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