One of the first design principles that I consider when creating a page is color. I wanted to create a page with these photos of my grandchildren playing in the sprinklers on Friday, but I also know how difficult it is to work with grass green. That particular green with any additional colors in clothing often compounds the problems for creating pages.


In additional to problem solving with color, I also think about what it means to create an artistic page with color. Running in the sprinklers is a classic summer activity. I remember running in the sprinklers. My own children ran in the sprinklers as kids. Now I photograph my grandchildren playing in the sprinklers. I thought about that timelessness as I created this page. To emphasize that traditional theme of playing in the sprinklers, I decided to convert all the photographs to a timeless black and white.


Yet, I didn’t think that there was enough interest with only black and white photos on the templates. To create more interest, I added the soft greens from ArtPlay Palette Airy and recolored several LightLeaks to provide color interest. While not as high contrast as red might have been with black and white photographs, I chose the greens because they fit with the lawn setting where my grandchildren were playing. The greens I chose aren’t nearly as vibrant as the original grass green in my photographs, but I think the additional color not only provides interest but also helps tell the story artistically.