Not all my layouts are complicated, but I do try to follow some basic design concepts when I create a page, for example this page with ArtPlay MiniPalette Noel. I clipped my photo to the frame’s clipping mask and changed it to black and white with a gradient map adjustment layer. I placed my granddaughter’s eyes on the intersection of the guide lines creating an asymmetrical design.

Second, I clipped solid paper 3 to the fotoblendz mask and layered transfers 1, 2 and 6 along with overlay 2 and the word transfer to build a textured foundation for a grouping of elements and to repeat the colors in the frame.

Third, I added a background paper. I drew lines with the line tool to repeat the lines in the paper.

Finally, I added elements in a group around the title rather than placing them randomly on the page. The button and thread on the right draw the eye out toward the edge for balance.

Are you wondering what design principles I used: asymmetrical alignment to create tension, texture to create dimensional interest, proximity for placement of elements as well as repetition of the Santas and balance with the button on the right. I have shared more information about design principles in a video, Design Principles for Using Artsy Transfers.