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Sometimes, I simply like to create something unexpected with a photograph. My favorite products for playing when I’m in one of these moods are Anna’s artsy transfers. I try not to make it too complicated, but I enjoy experimenting by combining a couple of different psd artsy transfers on one page. You wouldn’t think transfers from such different palettes would blend together, but they can.

I placed most of the layers of psd file 5 from ArtsyTransfers Notabilia.

Below those layers, I placed all of the layers of psd 5 from ArtsyTransfers Shine.

This is what the two look like combined.

To the white paint layer of the artsy transfer, I clipped an extraction of a flower to which I had applied a paint effect in Topaz Impression. I flipped that layer and placed it below.

To finish my page, I added a custom shadow to my flower extraction, the foliage from ArtPlay Palette Notabilia, splatters from Splatters No. 3 and several threads.




Summer’s End


More Brush Play


  1. Dawnette

    This page is beautiful. I was wondering if you created the wordart or it is part of a kit. It really ties the images together

  2. Tamsin

    Beautiful Linda. I’ll have a play. As I understand it, because I can’t decipher the screen shots of the layers panel, there are two copies of the flower. One clipped to the white paint layer and the other flipped and placed below this. That was to add some depth to the image? I love learning things like this. Appreciate the trouble you went to. xx

    • Thank you Tamsin! Yes, there are two copies of the flower, one clipped to the white paint and the other just flipped and placed below the white paint. I wanted the depth that the texture and color variation on the flowers provided. I also added a layer of flowers with the same treatment at 50% above the extraction from the photo at the top.

  3. pam p

    Thank you for the easy to understand tutorial. I am off to apply some of your techniques to a page that I am working on…

    • Oh thank you Pam, I’m going to watch Anna’s gallery for what you do with the techniques. You’ve created some beautiful pages!!

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