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I missed getting out in the yard to capture some photos of my hydrangeas along the northeast wall. There was way too much happening this past summer. However, in some ways, I prefer the intensity of color that comes with the seasonal change. The greens turn rosy pink and the pinks darken to burgundy. I hate to cut them back for fall before they’ve dried out entirely. As soon as all the rain is over, I will go out to capture some more photos so that I can create a page for my flower book.

I often play with Anna’s papers by mimicking and rearranging her designs using the transfers included in each ArtPlay Palette. It’s simple way to learn about design from an expert. I started this page by placing artsy paper 2 from ArtPlay Palette Cider on a new blank document.

Note: ArtPlay Palette Cider is available for free with a $20 purchase during the sale.

Just above the artsy paper, I placed solid paper 2.

Above the solid paper, I placed two copies of transfer 1 on normal blend mode.

Then I turned off the solid paper and lined up the transfers with their placement on the artsy paper.

After turning back on the solid paper layer, I placed overlay 3, two copies of the gold paint (the top one on color burn to intensify the color), and two copies of art stroke 1. In essence, I used the basic design of Anna’s paper to create something different. I might add something more once the artsy transfers are available, but for the moment, this is enough.

Then I extracted a hydrangea, changed the blend mode to multiply and applied a filter. Next, I another copy of the photo on normal blend mode at 50%. I linked the two together and adjusted their position above transfer 1.

Above the extraction, I placed stains, the frames, text boxes, and thread from template 4 of Hipster Plume Template Album No. 2.

I clipped additional photo to the small frames.

To create more dimension, I duplicated the two copies and moved them above the frames. I extracted just enough of the flower and leaf to overlap on the frames. With a title from the artplay palette, I was finished with my quick and easy page.

I encourage you to experiment with Anna’s transfers to create your own version of artsy papers.



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  1. Le Nistour

    Magnifique Linda j’ai appris beaucoup de choses..merci

  2. margeda/Margo

    I like your beautiful sides and your shows! Thank you Linda!

  3. Lovely collage of your hydrangea…I love your coloring. Mine are now turning. So, in essence, you used the artsy paper as a guide for making the background you actually used? That is my understanding. If so, that is such a good idea, and quick way to use the transfers, and have a unique paper. Thank you so much for sharing this process. You’re always an inspiration and full of easy to use ideas.

    • Yes Beverly, I used the artsy paper as a kind of template for creating a variation with some of the artsy transfers Anna provides in each ArtPlay Palette. I’ve also done it with her psd artsy transfers. And thank you for letting me know these posts are helpful!!

  4. Ellen

    thanks for your clear instructions Linda- they are so easy to follow. I have not scrapped for ages but may be following this tutorial might get my mojo back.

  5. Stephanie

    Thanks to your tutorial I’ve created my first scrap page and it looks amazing! Your the best!

    I have some photos of my son on a black background and am struggling to figure out how to make a page for those images. Do you ever scrap with black paper? I’d love to see something like that if you do.

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