Photographs that capture the personalities of my family make me smile. I love watching their antics. While the boys may grumble about posing for a family photograph, I’m hoping that someday these moments together will remind them of wonderful memories.

To make creating pages for a book easy for myself, I generally use templates. For the left side of this two page spread, I used template 2 from WaterColor Template Album No 3. For the right side, I needed one of the fotoblendz masks on template 3 to extend the large photo of my granddaughter and son. However, I wanted more photo frames than provided with template 3. Rather than creating the frames myself, I simply combined some frames, stains and tapes from three different templates.

From template 3, I placed the small fotoblendz mask and stain on the left of the template in position so that my photo of my granddaughter and son would span both pages. However, I rotated the large fotoblendz mask and two stains just below it 90° clockwise. I reduced the size of the mask and stains before clipping copies of my photo to the mask and stains. I adjusted the position and moved the texture more toward the left. I find it easiest to select just the layers I want and then move them as a group.


Next, I selected the three small frames and stitching from template 17. I dragged them along with a splatter to my two page spread. I placed these layers above the large photo clipped to the fotoblendz mask. I moved the splatter up in the layers panel and adjusted it’s position.


From template 15, I dragged over two frames, the stitching, a piece of tape and a stain. I placed these layers below the layers from template 17. I increased the size of the horizontal frame on the left and adjusted the position of the tape.


For the background on this page, I added Artsy Transfers Swell to the tapes and stains from the templates. With a little journaling and a few elements I finished my two page spread. Creating more spaces for photos was easy using WaterColor Template Album No. 3.