A Tradition

For twenty years, my sister and I have been celebrating our birthday at the Rose Garden Tea Room before walking the grounds at the Huntington Library. Every time we go it’s different, despite it being mid winter. There were no star magnolias this year, but I still found some color to photograph, a few roses and some beautiful camellias. While I am here in California, we are taking a an urban drawing class together. So my sister spent a little time sketching while I explored the gardens with my camera. When I returned from my walk and noted something on her sketch, she said I had a good eye. Next time we are here, I think I’m going to make time to sketch and to create photos. I’m not really great a drawing, but maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s good enough to simply enjoy the calm feeling of sitting on a wooden bench with a pencil and sketch book in hand.


Happy Birthday


On a Winter Morning


  1. suruha

    Ah, the beauty of a sketch is that it is similar-looking. It doesn’t have to be exact. And, you can come back and erase the lines that look wrong. LOL I love to sketch. Practice it when you get a nano-second or two. It only improves with practice.
    I hope you don’t mind. I found your blog somewhere on Anna’s fan page, I guess. I love your creativity!

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