I usually begin my scrapbook pages with a photo. In this rare instance, I didn’t have a photo. I wrote what I remembered instead.

My family moved from Houston to California in 1953. I was seven at the time. We left behind a new three bedroom house with a one car garage: the type built for WWII veterans, the one that had two closets in one bedroom, perfect for playing house with my sister.

We left behind the woman who mothered us six days a week. Her name was Pauline, but we called her Big Mamma. She was warm, loving and made the best okra with tomatoes as well as Spanish rice. She taught me to count and write my numbers to a hundred. She braided my two pigtails every morning.

We visited her a couple of years later. I remember her hugs and climbing the wooden stairs to her home to see her new refrigerator and I remember she made us ride in the front of the bus on the way there while she went to the back. I remember asking why my sister and I couldn’t sit next to her, one of us on each side.

Write the Story First

  • Place solid paper 5 from ArtPlay Palette Noetic on a new 12×12 document.
  • Chose the Horizontal Type tool T and create a text box. Write a draft; edit as needed.
  • Place Paper Texture 1 from ArtPlay Palette Noetic below the text to frame your story.
  • Transform the text box to fit the space.

Use a FotoBlendz Mask

Add Transfers to Build Background

  • At the top left, place Gold Leaves 2 from ArtPlay Palette Noetic just above the mask layers.
  • At the bottom right, place Gold Leaves 1 above the mask layers.
  • Place Splatter 1 from ArtPlay Palette Noetic above the texture layer

Place Title and MultiMedia File

  • Place “You” from Remember WordART Mix No. 3 to the left of the text box.
  • Add text to complete the title.
  • Place psd layers of MultiMedia file from Noetic Bonus Collection to the left of the title. Adjust position.

I wanted to tell this story even though I didn’t have a photo. Try creating a layout of your own focusing on a story, a page without a photo. More of my stories are on my blog, photosandstories.com.