Although the temperature is 32° with snow on the ground, I still want a salad for lunch. My husband calls my salads Mount Vesuvius because they are big!! I imagine it’s because I’m still a California girl at heart. I cooked, if you can call it cooking, the salad in the blended photo and the Chinese Chicken salad with the mandarin oranges. The photo on the right is a salad from Tender Greens. Yes, I make salads at home and order them at restaurants too.

To create this page, I began with Artsy Layered Template No. 244. I deleted some layers and moved others to create a grouping for my three salad photos.

Next, I clipped linked copies of the large photo to the fotoblendz mask as well as some stains. I clipped two other photos to the smaller frames.

I then placed transfer 3 and the gold paint from ArtPlay Palette Fare.

Next I recolored the template’s paint layers and two brushes from Fare No. 1. The latter I changed to linear burn blend mode and reduced the opacity.

I finished my page with word art from Food WordART Mix No. 1 and a thread from UrbanThreadz No. 13.