A Rainy View

In a prior post, A Day with a Friend, I shared some photos from my trip early in February to San Francisco for lunch with Adryane. Yes, I am behind on creating pages due to computer problems, but I have decided to begin with the photos from my day with Adryane. I won’t be sharing every page on the blog or in the gallery, but I will include them in my next book. It was a fantastic rainy day!

In California, the winter rains make everything a beautiful, lush green. It really is better to visit during the winter or spring rather than summer. So if the photos appear vivid, they were. The grounds of the museum were really beautiful from my view out the windows.

To create this page, I began by adding a layer mask to the focal photo in the background. This is one of my favorite photos; I love the perspective as my friends walked together under an umbrella with their reflection trailing behind on the wet pavement. No I didn’t have to add a reflection as it was part of the photo. The bottom layer is on blend mode multiply at 100%, the second layer is on hard light at 100% and the third layer on screen at 30%.

Next, I extended this vertical photo across the page with transfers, overlays and paper from ArtPlay Palette Moorlands. The gray tone of solid paper 1 and artsy paper 1 is perfect for a rainy day. I placed two copies of transfer 1, one on normal at 80% and the second on soft light at 30%, above solid paper 1. Above that, I placed artsy paper 1 at 65% and masked out a part that was too dark. Above these layers I placed overlays 2 and 3 as wells as copies of brush 19 on color burn at 30 % (note the texture ties the photo with the paper’s texture).

Next, I placed the frames and text boxes from Artsy Layered Template No. 246 on my document and adjusted their placement. I clipped photos to three of the frames and copies of artsy paper 1 to the other two frames.

Finally, I added file 5 from MultiMedia Leaves No. 6. I moved the position of the thread, leaf and shadow up in the layers panel in order to sandwich it in between the frames. This allowed the fern to overlay a photo of ferns. I added wood word art 3 from Scenic WordART No. 1 above the frames and adjusted the frame masks below with layer masks.

I must be getting faster at scrapbooking as creating this page and writing a post explaining my process took about two hours. That’s fast for me!


A Beautiful Afternoon


Evening Light


  1. xiaofano

    Great rain scene picture ~ (-_^)

  2. Great layout Linda 2 hours is impressive!

  3. Anne Hargreaves

    Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to do all this, Linda. As ever, you are an inspiration!

  4. Such beauty, and yes two hours of creating this is quick. Love, love your detailed tutorials…I learn so much! Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your process in such great detail, Linda! Your work is so inspiring and your tutorials are wonderful!

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