A Quiet Place

The Pope-Baldwin Estates at the Tallac Historic Site in South Lake Tahoe offer a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of wealthy society people who summered at Lake Tahoe at the turn of the 20th Century. After years of neglect, the estate buildings were beginning to deteriorate and restoration work was started in the early 1980s when the government purchased the property. The dock in this photo replaced the original boat dock and pier.

I began this layout working with just the photo. I duplicated the original three times. I gave the second copy a watercolor effect in Topaz Studio. Above that I placed a copy of the original photo on Soft Light blend mode at 100%.

To each copy I attached an inverted layer mask. I brought back the photo with an AnnaBlendz Artsy Brush as well as brush 11 and 13 from ArtPlay Palette Milieu.

Next, I placed artsy paper 5 from ArtPlay Palette Milieu below the photo layers. Above the photo layers, I placed another copy of paper 5 and changed the blend mode to Linear Burn at 75% opacity. Above the boats on the right, I placed transfer 2 from ArtPlay Palette Milieu. Finally, I created a composite of the original photo layers.

I then grouped my original photo layers and turned off that group. Using just my composite, I reduced it’s size to about 90% and clipped it to mask 3 from FotoBlendz Overlays No. 14.

I duplicated my composite and clipped it to mask 2 from Coastline FotoBlendz No. 1. I reduced the size of mask 1 from FotoBlendz Overlays No. 14 vertically to 60% and increased the horizontal size to 115%. I duplicated my composite one more time and clipped it to mask 1.

Note: Above the composite copies clipped to masks, I added two adjustment layers: one on Screen blend mode at 30% and another on Soft Light at 100%.

Just above solid paper 2 from ArtPlay Palette Milieu, I placed transfer 5. Above the transfer I added an adjustment layer on Soft Light at 100%. I also adjusted the color of the rounded area on the left with a Hue and Saturation layer and an inverted mask so that the changes would only affect that part.

To embellish my page, I placed all the layers of file 2 from MultiMedia Milieu No. 1. I turned off the grass frame and its shadow. Instead, I placed the branch from MultiMedia Branches No. 10 and its shadow as well as the thread. I adjusted the color of the branch with a color overlay.

With word art from WordART Mix Milieu No. 1 and brush 6 and some splatter brushes stamped on new blank layers, my page was finished.


Blooming Marvelous




  1. Terri Fullerton

    I love every one of your layouts. This one is no exception. What a beautiful image and I love all of the layers that you added. Thanks so much for sharing your process. Love, love that image and what you’ve done with it!!!!

  2. Dominique from Belgium

    What amazing are your achievements, Linda! Always a pleasure to read you.

    In your post before, and in this one, you are speaking about Topaz Studio. is this an add-on to Photoshop? Is it to buy on the web? I ‘d like to know further about this if it’s possible.
    Thank you in advance for your advise.

    Dominique from Belgium

    I’m speaking french, I apologize for my bad english.

    • Dominique, thank you for reading my blog. Yes, Topaz Studio is a plug-in that works with Photoshop. You can find it at topazlabs.com. For a few other posts about pages on which I’ve used this plug-in, do a search on my blog. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Dominique from Belgium

        Sorry for the late answer, dear Linda. I thank you so much for the information provided. I have found the topaz plug-in and I dowloaded it. I’m busy to make trials, and I’m going to read your posts about it on the blog.

        Thanks a lot!

  3. Marie Vanderwijk

    Always appreciate you sharing your beautiful layouts!

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