A Day with a Friend

As part of our celebration this week, my sister and I did something yesterday that we’ve never before done. We boarded a plane to fly up to San Francisco for lunch with my friend Adryane. There is nothing like flying somewhere to see a friend for just a day to make you feel extravagant on your birthday.

Adryane and her husband picked us up at the airport. It rained on our way into the de Young Museum.

However, inside, the photographs, paintings, sculptures and furniture were beautiful. There is a wonderful story about the man painting the fish. Adryane or I will have to share it on a scrapbook page soon.

It was still raining when we left the museum.

We walked by Boudin Bakery to watch the baker and to smell the bread.

Did I mention how good that bread smelled? We bought some bread shaped like turtles to take home.

Do you see the large ship through the arch? Rail cars used to come across the bay on a ferry and then into the city.

Next up on our walking tour, Pier 39, a Pokemon Go player’s dream location. Yes, I play Pokemon Go, just for the exercise of course. My doctor said walking is good for me. For those of you who play, I’m at level 33. I didn’t mind playing in the rain at all. In fact, I wrapped my umbrella in a plastic bag and placed it in my jacket pocket. I just gave up on my hair. Adryane shot this photo with her cell phone.

At the end of the pier, this inquisitive sea gull stayed in place nicely as I tried to capture him using the photographic rule of thirds and also keep Alcatraz visible in the background.

Although it rained all day, I had a most wonderful day with my friend Adryane!


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  1. Adryane

    A fabulous day!

  2. Ulla-May

    Wonderful photos, Linda. I’m so happy for you that you got this day together.

  3. Diane

    I didn’t see this post earlier…you were in my territory! The de Young is one of my favorite places of inspiration and refuge in the city. And yes, how about Pier 39 stops!! I’m impressed, I started late so am only on level 29. There are other spots in the city almost as lucrative. If you come again, I’ll tell you where I find all my Dratini and MagiKarp 🙂

    • Linda

      Diane, you live in a perfect place to capture Dratini and MagiKarp. I’ve got a Dratini as my buddy just so I can get the coins, lol, because they are so hard to find here. Loved the light in the painting at the de Young museum!!

  4. Diane

    Oh by the way that painting with the tulips is one of my favorites. 🙂

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