A Challenge for Myself

I’ll be sharing more photography for the next week because I boarded a plane at 5:30am this morning to fly across country to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister. I have challenged myself to use primarily one lens, a 35mm focal length on my crop sensor Fuji X-T2 which is equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame camera. That focal length lens is often called a normal lens because it approximates what the human eye can see. I also brought my macro lens just in case I see any flowers.

For most of the trip this morning, all I could see were clouds until near the end of my flight. Even as we approached John Wayne Airport, the clouds were so thick I wondered how in the world the pilot would land in the rain on that notoriously short runway.

Once I arrived, Glenda and I went to her favorite place for lunch. They make the best salad dressing from white tea.

This afternoon, I went out to see what was blooming in Glenda’s garden. I think I need a steadier hand or a tripod to capture the tiny little lavender flowers.

I wasn’t going to eat this little chocolate bundt cake, but I did, everything but that little dollop of cream cheese frosting. Although I used an aperture of f/2.8, I made sure that dollop was in focus just so I would remember what I didn’t eat. Glenda and I took a walk afterwards. I think I’m going to be walking a lot this week.


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  1. Xiaofano9

    Wishing you much health, happiness and creativity for ever and ever ~

    Happy Birthday !

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